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Application Process

For waitlist placement, application packets accompanied by orders may be submitted 90 days prior to your requested housing date.  Please contact your Leasing Specialist if you do not yet have orders at the 90-day point.

Mountain Vista Communities maintains a “Freeze Zone” for applicants on the waitlist.  The top 10% of applicants in each category of the waitlist are considered within the freeze zone.  A category is defined as your rank band and your bedroom requirements. Once an applicant reaches the freeze zone, their position on the waitlist cannot be lowered.*

* The only exception would be for incoming Key and Essential personnel. Mountain Vista Communities honors the Key and Essential Personnel list, as established by the Fort Huachuca Garrison Commander.

Applying prior to arrival is strongly encouraged! 


Application Checklist

Application Checklist

The following documents MUST be included with your Application:

  • Orders to Fort Huachuca
  • D1172-2 DEERS Enrollment Verification Form from your local DEERS office or another form of dependent verification.
  • DA31 Please submit a working copy with your application, followed by a fully signed (block 14) version prior to lease signing.
  • Most recent end of month LES showing BAH status.
  • Renters Insurance – Residents are required to obtain and maintain general liability insurance coverage of a minimum of $100,000 and personal property insurance coverage of a minimum of $10,000 for the duration of their tenancy at their sole cost and expense. Resident’s Renters Insurance Policy shall name Fort Huachuca-YPG Communities II, L.L.C. at 2317 Smith Street, Building 52065, Fort Huachuca, Arizona 85613 as an additional insured. Residents are strongly encouraged to insure personal property in an amount sufficient to cover the resident’s property. This is not required to apply for housing; however, proof of insurance must be submitted prior to receiving a housing assignment. .
  • Applicants returning from a restricted tour of 6 months duration or longer will submit orders for Fort Huachuca, as well as orders for the restricted tour. Placement on the waitlist will be based on the report date for the restricted tour.

PLEASE NOTE: MVC will not accept a photo for any of the above documents. You may submit as a .pdf or .jpeg but a photograph of a document will not meet requirements. Documents containing security features need to be printed, scanned and emailed, as they cannot be opened on our computers.


Document Center

Document Center

RCI Waitlist Procedures
Army Domestic Animals Policy



Mountain Vista Communities is currently housing through Priority Level 4.

The Priority Levels are outlined below:

  • Priority Level 1 – Key and Essential personnel assigned to Fort Huachuca
  • Priority Level 2 – Accompanied military personnel and unmarried Chaplains assigned to Fort Huachuca
  • Priority Level 3 – Accompanied military personnel assigned for duty within 90 mile radius of Fort Huachuca
  • Priority Level 4 – Unaccompanied family members of military personnel


  • Priority Level 5* – Unaccompanied military personnel (married and single) assigned to Fort Huachuca
  • Priority Level 6 – Retired military or widowed spouses of retired military
  • Priority Level 7 – DoD and Federal Agency Civilians Priority Level 8 – General Public
  • * Contact the Leasing Office at 520-515-9000 for information on current availability for single service members

How to Submit an Application

How to Submit an Application

Refer to the Application Process and requirements outlined to ensure your packet is
PLEASE NOTE: MVC will not accept a photo for any of the above documents. You
may submit as a .pdf or .jpeg but a photograph of a document will not meet

For general information about Mountain Vista Communities or information on faxing or
mailing your application, please call 520-515-9000 or email your Leasing Specialist.

Emailing Your Application (preferred method):

E1 – E6: Crystal Simniok
E7 & Up: Stephanie Martin ~
Your Leasing Specialist will contact you within five business days of receiving your application.
To prevent miscommunication regarding your application, please wait five business days before contacting our office with questions or changes regarding your application.

Walk-In Applicants:

 Walk-in applicants within 30 days of their PCS arrival date will have an eligibility date from their DA 31 form.
 Walk-in applicants after 30 days of their PCS date will have an eligibility date equal to the date when the application and all necessary documentation are received.